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Emergency Power

When electrical power goes off because of a thunderstorm, hurricane, tornado or other natural disaster, an emergency generator can help you maintain critical electrical power in your home.

GeneracDACO is a GENERAC® Dealer. GENERAC is the #1 selling residential standby generator. Find out more by visiting GENERAC on the web and by contacting DACO.

A permanent standby generator can be installed as part of your home electrical system to provide power automatically in case of an outage. Generac standby generator
An automatic switch works with the standby generator to prevent the generator from back-feeding power into the utility lines and protect the generator from damage when power is restored. Automatic transfer switch
If you already own a portable generator, maybe all you need is a manual transfer switch that will allow you to safely connect it to critical house circuits. Manual transfer switch

Generators come in different sizes. The correct size is determined by your power needs in an emergency. Contact DACO to install the emergency electrical system that is right for your home or business.

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